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much or many? - Choose the correct answer.
1)             pupils
2)              time
3)             money
4)           dollars
5)            milk
6)              children
7)            water
8)              fun
9)           dogs
10)            people

Completa las frases utilizando 'MANY' , 'MUCH' , 'A LOT',  'A LOT OF'.

Do you drink a lot of / much water?
I like music, I've got a lot of / many CD's

1) It didn't cost 
 money to go to New Zealand.
2) How 
 songs can you sing?
3) There's 
 rice in the cupboard.
4) Paco visited 
 countries when he went on holiday.
5) How 
 interesting cities did Paco see?
6) He didn't see 
 cities, but he saw  friends.
7) Do you eat 
 cheese? Yes, .
8) Did you send 
 postcards to friends? Yes, I did.

Completa las frases utilizando 'SOME',  'ANY'

Would you like some coffee? Yes please.
There isn't any flour in the cupboard.
Did you make any sandwiches for the picnic?

1. Do you know                                
 good restaurants in Barcelona?
2. Would you like                                
 more potatoes?
3. When I went to Paris I visited                                
 interesting museums, but I didn't go to                                 art galleries.
4. Are there                                
 messages for me on the answer phone?
5. I'd like                                
 tomatoes and                                 mushrooms please. But I don't want                                 carrots.


1         We need some tea. ______ do we need?
                      How much
                        How many
2          We need some eggs. ______ do we need?
                        How much
                        How many
3          We need some paper. ______ do we need?
                        How much
                        How many
4          We need some money. ______ do we need?
                        How much
                        How many
5          ______ cigarettes do you smoke a day?
                        How much
                        How many
6          ______ packets of cigarettes do you have?
                        How much
                        How many
7          ______ work have you got to do?
                        How much
                        How many
8          ______ sleep did you get last night?
                        How much
                        How many
9          ______ children have you got?
                        How much
                        How many
10       ______ bottles of wine are there in the cellar?
                        How much
                        How many
11       ______ English grammar do you know?
                        How much
                        How many
12       ______ Americans do you know?
                        How much
                        How many
13       ______ sugar do you take in your tea?
                        How much
                        How many
14       ______ apples do you eat in an average week?
                        How much
                        How many
15       ______ fruit do you eat in an average week?
                        How much
                        How many
16       ______ real friends do you have?
                        How much
                        How many
17       ______ chairs are there in your house?
                        How much
                        How many
18       ______ furniture do you have?
                        How much
                        How many
19       ______ traffic was there on the motorway today?
                        How much
                        How many
20       ______ times must I tell you?
                        How much
                        How many    

1. There's                       rain .
2. Have you got                  
 friends ?
3. Stop it ! It's too                   
 for me !
4. I hope to have                      
 presents for Christmas because I was nice this year !
5. No ! I don't dive into this water, it's too                       
 cold !
6. Oh my bedroom is messy I have so                       
 things !
7. How                      
 does it cost ?
8. How                   
 money do you have ?
9. How                  
 oranges did you buy?
10. How                
 orange juice did you buy ?
11. How              
 books did he write ?
12. How              
 people will be at your wedding ?
13. There's so        
 love in your eyes !
14. There's too   
       noise in this room ! Hush ! The baby sleeps ! 15. They have visited          countries ! 


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